Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Happy Birthday, Taz!

It only seemed fitting that with my 30th post, that it would be something monumental.  You know...cause 30 is a monumental number?

Well, quantity vs quality, monumental or not, this post is flipping awesome...the Little Man (AKA Taz) will turn 1 next Wednesday.  However, since the Mrs leaves for North Carolina tomorrow we thought we would celebrate as a family tonight.

Since we are using everything in our pantry, baking a cake was out of the question (we have about 2 tables spoons of sugar left right now and using packets of Splenda would take forever), so it was mini-cupcakes from a local bakery (Babycakes, if you're curious).

Unfortunately, the Taz has been a mess all day today: short nap this morning, screamed for the majority of our lunch and refused to nap this afternoon.  The Mrs was ready to put him to bed extremely early, but I thought that since she wouldn't be here and, let's face it, they were mini-cupcakes filled with sugary goodness that all children love that we could make it work for five more minutes...for her.

It went off without a hitch (well...except for the fact that the Big Man refused to sing with us to his brother...and since the Mrs asked that I not get into it with him and let it be as it was her last night...I let it be).  Taz loved the mini chocolate cake, we sang to him and got to spend it together as a family.

It was nice to spend one last real moment as a family (or at least until we are all back together three weeks from now).  The Taz will remember none of it, the Big Guy will doubtfully remember that he didn't sing to his little brother and I will forget that I wanted to wring the Big Guy's neck for not singing to his brother.

What I will remember is that the Mrs and I sang, that Taz loved to smash the cakes into his face, that we celebrated what has been a great first year for the Little Man.  He is crawling (fastest rug rat this side of the Mississippi), flirting (gonna be a heart breaker, he is), playing (soon to be body slamming the Big Guy), talking (said Dada I'm good with that) and frankly getting goddamn heavy (and no it's not because of the chocolate cake!).  With our move to the east coast in only 12 days from now I have been doing a lot of reminiscing (post on that to be coming soon), but just thinking about this past year with the Taz is enough in and of itself.

I'm glad we celebrated tonight.  

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