Tuesday, August 14, 2012

A Little Family Time

Being the photographer in the family leaves me little opportunity to ever be in the picture.  Most of the time I don't mind this, like most people I hate being in front of the camera.  But when I start to look over all of our pictures and re-realize that I never seem to be in any of them, it sort of sucks.  We have never had proper family photos.  By proper I mean an actual person with skill shooting us, as opposed to me setting up the tripod and setting up interval shots hoping to get us set up perfectly in just a few pictures.  One of the downsides to my setup is that this usually means that we have minimal backgrounds as well as only have the use of a single composition since there is no one there to recompose the shot...I love cropping tools.

However, before we left San Diego, we were able to get together with some great folks that went down the becoming-a-professional-photographer-rabbit-hole with me, and we were finally able to get together for a shoot.  An opportunity for all of us to get out from behind the camera, and to get into the shot (no matter how much it hurt).  We had a great venue, the Marston House, in beautiful Balboa Park.  Although Balboa Park is over shot, the Marston House, area seems to be somewhat forgotten, and that's not a bad thing.  So if you are looking for a quiet place in the afternoon to enjoy some quiet, take some pictures or perhaps enjoy a BYOB drink or two...this is the spot.

Since we didn't have the whole day to shoot, just about an hour during the evening golden hours, and we all had our kids, we had to hurry it up.  We also had to break into pairs.  I got paired up with Richard Deomampo, who is a great photographer so check him out and give him a call.

I couldn't have been happier with the results.  There is something special about having family pictures, especially to have them done during our last days in the city where we were engaged, bought our first home and had both of our children.  It's been tough leaving, as I might have mentioned a few hundred times, but these pictures really help remember everything great about our time there.

Huge thanks to Richard and Jasmine, you guys did a great job.  Thanks for everything, you guys are going to kill it!

*all photographs copyright of Style Composition, 2012

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