Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Last Week According To @toliveanddiaper: Week 2

From the top left (clockwise):
1. Little Man going green.
2. Taz and Little Man riding the Pullen Park train.
3. Taz. In. Space.
4. View from the top of Hanging Rock State Park
5. At the Bulls ball game with Mr. Ball.
6. Morning run to school.
7. The Taz and I just hanging out.
8. No exhaust on this old mower, though I don't plan to keep this when we can afford a larger yard.
9. Architectural's like they knew.

And by the way, I entered this great contest at Snapknot to win either a D800 or 5D Mark III. I almost waited to buy the D800 when I bought my D700 last year, thanks to a certain someone (ahem...Jason Kirby at I held off. I know that entering these contests is sort of dumb, like playing the lottery, but I'd be stoked to win. Papa needs a better back up camera than the ol'D80!

Big thanks to the SnapKnot wedding photography directory for offering this great camera giveaway!

If you feel the urge to help me get a few referral submissions, that would be cool too. Just click here:

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