Thursday, June 27, 2013

Last Week According to @toliveanddiaper: Week 3

From top left (clockwise):

- A small sampling of the Biltmore Estate's Gardens. My suggestion, if you have kids who are older (7 and up), the Biltmore is a must see. If they are younger than 7, don't waste your money. Their is too much to do and too much to see, and an hour or two isn't worth your money or your time.
- We got the boys custom superhero capes, as you can see here, even superheros need a break.
- Baloo the wonder-dog, you may remember him from such films as Up. He really enjoyed the beach, i think he may still miss San Diego.
- Some of the delicious beers of Asheville, aka Beer City.
- The Lucky Strike water tower in Durham, NC.
- The Monkey (aka the Taz) loves swings more than any one I know. The Little Man will get up and swing for 5 seconds and is done, but not the Monkey, he could do this all day. Assuming you will push him all day.
- The Little Man just had his 4-year old birthday party and one of the favorite gifts was this firefighters water pack with hose. We drew burning building and burning robots on the driveway for him to "extinguish". Needless to say he was pretty pleased with himself.
- Sunrise on the Blue Ridge Parkway just outside of Asheville. 
- This is one of my no-no pictures from the Biltmore. They have strict rules about taking pictures of any kind inside the home. I was able to get this picture and one other, the other was my favorite, but somehow I deleted it while eating barbecue...don't ask. But this here is the 1700# wrought iron chandelier hanging in the grand staircase...all suspended by ONE bolt. If you ever make it to the Biltmore Estate, take the Architects tour for an additional $17 (though I hear their is a 2-hour super tour that gives you access to just about everything, all to the tune of $150 per person).


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